Just Do It


On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old African American woman who worked as a seamstress, boarded this Montgomery City bus to go home from work. On this bus on that day, Rosa Parks initiated a new era in the American quest for freedom and equality. In those days, black passengers on public buses were required to give up their seats to white passengers if there were no seats available. One day, whilst riding the bus home, sitting near the middle of the bus just behind the 10 seats reserved for whites, the seamstress was asked to give up her seat for a white passenger because all the seats reserved were filled. In a soft voice she respectfully refused to get up.

This shocked all the other passengers and caused quite a stir. The more they insisted she get up, the more she declined until she was eventually arrested and taken to police custody for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger as required by segregationist law. Today she is celebrated as one of the mothers of the civil rights movements in America. Rosa parks showed up at the right time and made a difference. She Showed up and refused to be cowardly.

How we could change many things, if only we stood up to face our challenges. Most times, the hardest things are the right things to do. But for the right things to happen, the right things must be done not withstanding the challenge- Race, status or gender. What is that thing God has called you to change? Is fear holding you back? Don’t let destiny blame you for not showing up for your God given appointment. It may be a situation at home, school, or the office that needs someone bold to take a chance. Don’t hold back. Change the Status quo. Just Do it.


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